Cholo's Homestyle Mexican

Oahu, Hawaii

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Cholo's Homestyle Mexican

Hawaii's multicultural heritage does not only include Asian and Polynesian influences, and this Mexican restaurant gives visitors that other side of the Hawaiian melting pot, offering all the fixings you would expect: tacos, fajitas, burritos, enchiladas and much more. Also, the fish tacos are made with the freshest catch, and the margaritas with the juiciest mangoes.


The cuisine of Oahu has naturally been influenced by its surroundings – seafood, therefore, plays a large part in the local cuisine, complemented by excellent roast meats (the traditional kalua pork should not be missed), as well as by daring Asian influences. Dishes are served with a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables including the local root vegetable taro, which is usually mashed to turn poi, a staple in the Hawaiian cuisine.