Helena’s Hawaiian Food

Oahu, Hawaii

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Helena’s Hawaiian Food

Helena's is a renowned Honolulu diner serving home-cooked specialties such as smoked short ribs pipikaula-style and squid luau. While being a local favorite for more than 60 years, the restaurant and its chef Helen Kwock Chock received the James Beard Award back in 2000. The restaurant is now run by her grandson, Craig Katsuyoshi.


The cuisine of Oahu has naturally been influenced by its surroundings – seafood, therefore, plays a large part in the local cuisine, complemented by excellent roast meats (the traditional kalua pork should not be missed), as well as by daring Asian influences. Dishes are served with a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables including the local root vegetable taro, which is usually mashed to turn poi, a staple in the Hawaiian cuisine.