Little Village Noodle House

Oahu, Hawaii

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Little Village Noodle House

This 'little house' is a trendy restaurant serving delicious home-cooked Chinese dishes. While its history began way back in the 70s when the owners arrived in Honolulu, straight from China, it still pleasures both regulars and newcomers day by day, with fresh food and great service.

Useful Information

  • Address: 1113 Smith Street, Honolulu
  • Phone: +1 808 545 3008
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  • Opening House: Daily 10:30am–10pm
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The cuisine of Oahu has naturally been influenced by its surroundings – seafood, therefore, plays a large part in the local cuisine, complemented by excellent roast meats (the traditional kalua pork should not be missed), as well as by daring Asian influences. Dishes are served with a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables including the local root vegetable taro, which is usually mashed to turn poi, a staple in the Hawaiian cuisine.